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Did you know? 


The first Egyptian Calendar was determined by the yearly flood waters, followed by the Tut star calendar year due to astronomical and geographical reasons in the year 4241 BC.


The ancient Egyptians documented their adherence to the calendar year in the “Legend of the Creation of the Year “ found in the Unas pyramid.


Egyptians celebrated the creation of the official Calendar with a feast at the start of the calendar year called "Wbet-Rnept".


Initially, the calendar was accurate, but over time, and the neglect of some rulers, dates began to get shifted and became inaccurate. Several recorded texts of people's complaints about this inaccuracy can be found. This neglect got to such a point where the start date of the calendar year no longer coincided with the flood, and got closer to the ‘Sun Celebrations’ or what we now call Spring, where the celebration got merged into one under the name “The Feast of the Rivers” " Ni - Aarú of ", as documented in several late demotic and Coptic era writings.


Following the Persian invasion of Egypt around 525 BC, the “Feast of the Rivers” was still celebrated but, given the Persian and Greek influence, an additional letter “S” was added to the name of the festival. Eventually, Persians adapted the name of the festival to become "Noruz", which was added to their yearly festivals and used to develop the Persian calendar.


The Romans adopted the idea of the Persian calendar, and began to also use spring, corresponding to today’s month of April, as the start date of their own calendar. According to some historical accounts, the notion of the “April’s Fool” originated when Pope Gregory XIII changed the start of the calendar year to January 1st. At the time, many people refused to comply with the change, so they would get sent to “Fool’s Errands” or get tricked to believe in things that do not exist, in order for the public to laugh at them and for them to eventually switch to the new calendar. The April’s Fool day notion spread to the rest of the world and it remains celebrated with humour.


Thus the various Egyptian calendar years are:

  • The Flood year
  • The Tut year
  • New Year’s Day Festival (Wbets - Rnept )
  • Festival of the Rivers (Ni - Aarú )
  • Festival of the Spring (Nayrooz)

*Thanks to the Egyptian Identity Guards

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